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Dear friends,


A Sage of the 20th century reveals :

Upanishads declare with one voice that truth and reality combined inone, can be intuited in one’s own self when one transcends both the senses andmind. This intuition of the Self is universal ( sArvatrika ), for as Shankarasays, everyone is conscious of one’s own existence and can never conceive theopposite. And this Self is the Reality. Again this intuition is limitedneither  by time nor by space for both of these belong to the region ofthe non-Self( anAtma ) and are conceivable only by the empirical ‘me’ whichagain pre-supposes the True Self. 

            The latter can be 

                  neither affirmed nor doubted, 

                  neither proved nor disproved to


                  neither accepted nor rejected, 

                  neither experienced as an object nor



It is prius which supplies the very ground ofthese   thought-processes.

                                   THE END


May The Indwelling Reality bless all the sinceremumukshus  

with the realization of this paramArthasatya in theirhearts.


With respectful pranams,

Sreenivasa Murthy

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