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Dear friends,

When we quote a verse from the texts like the Bhagavad Gita, it is
generally understood, as to  who was the speaker, addressing whom, where
and when/under what situation etc. In case of quoting a sage of the 20th
century I guess it will help most of the readers, if the name of the
speaker, and the name of the text etc. are also mentioned.

My 2 cents
Sunil KB

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> Dear friends,
> A Sage of the 20th century reveals :
> Upanishads declare with one voice that truth and reality combined in one,
> can be intuited in one’s own self when one transcends both the senses and
> mind. This intuition of the Self is universal ( sArvatrika ), for as
> Shankara says, everyone is conscious of one’s own existence and can never
> conceive the opposite. And this Self is the Reality. Again this intuition
> is limited neither  by time nor by space for both of these belong to the
> region of the non-Self( anAtma ) and are conceivable only by the empirical
> ‘me’ which again pre-supposes the True Self.
>              The latter can be
>                    neither affirmed nor doubted,
>                    neither proved nor disproved to
>                                exist,
>                    neither accepted nor rejected,
>                    neither experienced as an object nor
>                                thought away,
>                                       for
> It is prius which supplies the very ground of these   thought-processes.
>                                     THE END
> May The Indwelling Reality bless all the sincere mumukshus
> with the realization of this paramArthasatya in their hearts.
> With respectful pranams,
> Sreenivasa Murthy
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