[Advaita-l] Clarion call of a SAGE

sreenivasa murthy narayana145 at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 21 23:41:50 EDT 2023

Dear friends,
A Sage of the 20th century reveals :
Upanishads declare with one voice thattruth and reality combined in one, can be intuited in one’s own self when onetranscends both the senses and mind. This intuition of the Self is universal ( sArvatrika), for as Shankara says, everyone is conscious of one’s own existence and cannever conceive the opposite. And this Self is the Reality. Again this intuitionis limited neither  by time nor by spacefor both of these belong to the region of the non-Self( anAtma ) and areconceivable only by the empirical ‘me’ which again pre-supposes the True Self. 

             The latter can be 

                   neither affirmed nordoubted, 

                   neither proved nor disprovedto


                   neither accepted norrejected, 

                   neither experienced as anobject nor

                               thought away, 


It is priuswhich supplies the very ground of these  thought-processes.
                                    THE END
May The Indwelling Reality bless all the sincere mumukshus  
with the realization of this paramArthasatya in their hearts.
With respectful pranams,Sreenivasa Murthy

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