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Hare Krishna

I am really sorry to say some statements ldrafted out of dry tarka (dry logic) would definitely give lot of pain to parAbhakti sAdhaka-s in Advaita mArga !! Our prayers/Tapasya/dhyAna/ archana etc. is just to see what is there in our jnAnAdhyAsa !!??   IshwarAnugraha, his kAruNya, his blessings etc. just pouring out of that mere jnAnAdhyAsa??  Where we are the advaitins going??  who follow the great tradition of great Krishna bhakta Sri Madhusudana Saraswati??  We are forgetting the simple fact that even to think on these lines (jnAnAdhyAsa, arthAdhyAsa etc. within the scope of Advaita) we need the Ishwara kAruNya and the jnana we obtain from this jignAsa is IshwarAnugraha.  Ishwaraanugraha hetukenaiva cha vijnAnena mOksha siddhiH bhavituM arhati says bhAshyakAra.  IMHO, one simple thing we should always keep in mind that we the advaitins are not mere dry logicians (dry philosophers/ tarkikaa-s ) but we are followers of saNta/saints like shankara bhagavatpAda.

No intention of hurting anyone's sentiments here, just my observation.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

Yes ji
The genuine case of upAsya devatA pratyaxa could possibly be classified as jnAnAdhyAsa without arthAdhyAsa. And we could argue that such experiences are not categorizable as purely sAxI pratyaxa like icchA, dveSha etc because their (ie upAsya devatA's)  locus is perceived as being outside oneself.

Again these experiences of genuine devatA pratyaxa do not suffer bAdha unlike schizophrenia etc which might produce similar experiences which are recognised as delusional, upon taking appropriate medicines.

Regarding the sopAdhika bhrama (like a crystal appearing yellow due to the flower kept next to it), it was pointed out by Venkataraghavan ji (in agreement with Chandramouliji as per older discussion ) that it's an example of jnAnAdhyAsa without arthAdhyAsa.

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> >
> >
> > > visual or auditory hallucination (of the type that's
> > > unconstitutional
> as
> > in
> > > schizophrenia a la "The Beautiful Mind" for example)?
> > >
> > I can't say for sure because I don't know how auditory hallucination
> > or schizophrenia manifest, but to the extent that there is
> > perception
> involved
> > (even illusory) and the object of perception is not present, one can
> assume
> > the creation of an illusory object.
> >
> Venkat ji,
> This prompts me to say that the situation where  a sagunopasaka
> getting the upasya devata sakshatkara to be of this nature.  This is
> private to him and also it disappears in time.  Of course there is no
> bAdhaka jnanam here as this is not a case of atasmin tad buddhih. Yet
> the darshanam/perception is had by him for a brief period. It is a
> result of his long practice of the upasana where the samskaras
> generated by the upasana solidify and the devata appears before him.
> regards
> subbu
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> > Regards,
> > Venkatraghavan
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