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> Namaste Raghav ji,
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> > visual or auditory hallucination (of the type that's unconstitutional as
> in
> > schizophrenia a la "The Beautiful Mind" for example)?
> >
> I can't say for sure because I don't know how auditory hallucination or
> schizophrenia manifest, but to the extent that there is perception involved
> (even illusory) and the object of perception is not present, one can assume
> the creation of an illusory object.

Venkat ji,

This prompts me to say that the situation where  a sagunopasaka getting the
upasya devata sakshatkara to be of this nature.  This is private to him and
also it disappears in time.  Of course there is no bAdhaka jnanam here as
this is not a case of atasmin tad buddhih. Yet the darshanam/perception is
had by him for a brief period. It is a result of his long practice of the
upasana where the samskaras generated by the upasana solidify and the
devata appears before him.


> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan
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