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praNAms Sri Sudhanshu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

You need to acquaint yourself of the difference between vijnAnavAda and mukhya-vedAnta-siddhAnta namely DSV.

  *   For the time being let us ignore your different modules and its hierarchy etc.  First, educate us what is being refuted here by bhAshyakAra and what is that ‘supports’ your claim (mukhya vedAnta siddhAnta) here in bhAshya explanation.  If you want to argue that what is being refuted here is ‘entirely’ different from your superior DSV module you have to be clear in your assertion before giving higher rank to DSV and contrasting the same from vijnAnavAda, is it not!!??  I doubt I have seen anything of this order in your mails,  OTOH elsewhere in one of your statements, you said ( I may be wrong) in this particular issue (mind is all)  shankara is in agreement with vijnAnavAdins…

Perhaps, you can then appreciate that the tarka adduced are not ku-tarka rather heart and soul of VedAnta.

Ø     If the heart and soul of vedAnta is mere DSV and SDV is inferior to DSV not fit for mOksha, again you have to prove DSV is entirely different from Advaita pUrvapaxi vijnAnavAdi who endorses the view upalabdhi itself Vishaya (both jnana and Artha) and this upalabdhi itself comes and goes (kshaNika) etc.  Till that time you don’t have any valid point to defend your stand as shrutyanugraheeta tarka/yukti.

In any case, labelling the argument as ku-tarka without any counterargument is worthy of being ignored.

Ø     That is what is expected from you as usual, hence I ignored your mails 😊

Before running to BhAshyakAra, we need to understand our own experience. That there was a BhAshyakAra who wrote PTB, said this and that in MANDukya and BSB -- are not sufficient to indicate non-dream-hood of waking -- on the solitary ground that you told exactly same thing in dream also. There was a dream-Shankara and dream-BSB saying these things and yet it was only a dream.

Ø     This is where the traces of kutarka I can find!! with the same logical inference why don’t I say even dream world also as real as waking world and both are capable of giving me mOksha and right place of doing sAdhana!!  Why on the earth I should ignore and tag it as illusory instead using the same logic I can treat both states are  as reality only.  Anyway in kArika itself kArikAgaara agreed that the worlds of Vishwa, taijasa and prAjna’s world are real!!  And again, to assert and prove the oneness of Atman why should I reject the existence of world ( for which Ishwara is abhinna nimittOpadAna kAraNa) as non existent for me it is clear sign of immaturity and illogical coz. Knowingly or unknowingly you are attributing some existence to ‘something’ apart from Atman and asking us to negate it as illusory.  Oneness is not at the cost of duality but it is the very essence of duality, the jnAni-s realization is I am myself in many forms but they are not in me (see Lord’s declaration in geeta) and  is the bhUma drushti or Samyak drushti of jnAni-s as well and please note they are not the poor students in the module of SDV as you reckon.  Even an idiot (dehAtmavAna) does feel his ‘oneness’ despite the existence of his different body parts!!  You should first realize in shankara’s Advaita vedAnta : perception of dvaita is not opposed to Advaita jnana, coz. Of the simple fact dvaita perception is pratyaksha pramANita and Advaita darshana is shAstra pramANita and shAstra janita vyavahAra bAdhita jnana and NOT vyavahAra abhAva jnana both pramANa-s are not mutually contradicting and advocating what is valid in its own sphere of pramANa.

  *   Anyway, all these things said umpteen times just to hear the concluding illogical statements like : ‘to be ignored or just stepping stone and good only in some initial stages / module etc.’’.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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