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PraNAms to all.
So much discussion on the topic. Here is what I understand.1. Nature has provided dream and deep sleep experiences to show all the three states are not real even though I experience these. 
2. A Dream is not a dream for a dreamer who is in the dream. 
3. Goudapada in Vaitatya prakarana establishes that perceptibility, transactability, etc., are not criteria for absolute reality. What is absolutely real is that which never undergoes a change - trikaala abhaditam satyam.
3. The dream is realized as false only after waking up. One cannot realize this while in the dream.4. Waking is also not absolutely real by the above definition.
5. Deep sleep experience shows that one who is sleeping alone is really real while the worlds - waking and dream worlds are dismissed along with time and space. 
6. In contrast to a dream, one can realize that the waking state is not real by developing the required discriminative intellect (nithya anitya vastu viveka). That intellect cannot be developed in the dream state since intellect has to be at a minimum for one to go into a dream state.
7. Drishti Srishti vas Srishti Drishti perspectives depend on the mind. Deep sleep experience indicates that other than the self in that state, there is no world or time - no other jeevas also - showing DSV. Also, perceptual analysis (Vedanta Paribhasha) shows that the 'existence of an object (including other jeeva) is established by the knowledge of its existence. In essence, I, the subject has to ascertain - an object, the other Bodies, and the world exist by perceiving them. From the point of perceiver who is in the world of objects, SDV is valid. 
8. Realization can take place only in the waking state with the mind that has sadhana chutushtaya sampatti or needed qualifications. 
Just could not resist.
Just my 2c - for those interested.
Hari Om!Sadananda



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Hare Krishna

I am just wondering after reading all these (ku) tarka about similarity between jAgrat & svapna, why on the earth bhAshyakAra considers vijnAnavAdins as pUrvapaxi and taken all the troubles to prove him wrong in abhAvadhikaraNa, especially in sutra bhAshya-s like in nAbhAva upalabdeH & vaidharmyAccha na svapnAdhivat etc.  (2-2-28 & 29) !!  If at all he himself saying all is just mind game in kArika bhAshya!!  Has bhAshyakAra contradicted himself in sUtra bhAshya and kArikaa bhAshya!!??  Or we ourselves deluded and quoting both bhAshya-s out of context??  If at all bhAshyakAra-s perception about bAhya jagat is in complete agreement with  that of vijnAnavAdins’ vAda why on the earth bhAshyakAra attacked them and passionately proved them wrong (infact he attacks them personally and warns them that they don’t have control on their tongue and speak whatever they want !! And again, to our surprise,  in kArika bhAshya all of a sudden advocated the same vijnAnavAdins’ vAda  ‘mind all’ theory!!??  Perhaps pundits here would say when bhAshyakAra writing sUtra bhAshya,  he was writing so keeping SDV module and mandAdhikAri-s in mind and while writing kArikAbhAshya he was addressing the applicants in DSV, the mumukshu-s in super league 😊

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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