[Advaita-l] 'If Advaita becomes false, then does that not make the world true ?'

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Additional explanatory reading:

That one is Brahman and never a samsari and the world is naught in all the
three periods of time - is never sublatable. That is, there is no
subsequent knowledge/pramana that contradicts this.

Shankara Bhagavatpada has said in BSB 2.1.14  which teaches this:

*कथं चानृतेन मोक्षशास्त्रेण प्रतिपादितस्यात्मैकत्वस्य सत्यत्वमुपपद्येतेति*
। अत्रोच्यते — नैष दोषः, सर्वव्यवहाराणामेव
प्राग्ब्रह्मात्मताविज्ञानात्सत्यत्वोपपत्तेः, स्वप्नव्यवहारस्येव
प्राक्प्रबोधात् ।

 *न चेयमवगतिर्नोत्पद्यत इति शक्यं वक्तुम् , ‘ तद्धास्य विजज्ञौ’ (छा. उ. ६ ।
१६ । ३)इत्यादिश्रुतिभ्यः, अवगतिसाधनानां च श्रवणादीनां वेदानुवचनादीनां च
विधीयमानत्वात् । न चेयमवगतिरनर्थिका भ्रान्तिर्वेति शक्यं वक्तुम् ;
अविद्यानिवृत्तिफलदर्शनात् , बाधकज्ञानान्तराभावाच्च ।*
प्राक्चात्मैकत्वावगतेरव्याहतः सर्वः सत्यानृतव्यवहारो लौकिको
वैदिकश्चेत्यवोचाम । तस्मादन्त्येन प्रमाणेन प्रतिपादिते आत्मैकत्वे समस्तस्य
प्राचीनस्य भेदव्यवहारस्य बाधितत्वात् ..

Meaning:  We cannot say that this realization will not arise, for we have
the Chandogya shruti that says that Shvetaketu realized the truth. Also the
means to such realization also are stipulated. Nor can this realization be
stated to be useless/harmful or a delusion as the fruit of avidya nivrutti
is perceptible (for the realized one) and also since there is no subsequent
knowledge that sublates/annuls this realization.

Extra: ...thus by this ultimate pramana (the aparoksha jnana) all
pre-realization vyavahara stands annulled.

Also, read the last few verses of Panchadashi 1 chapter where it is said
'in any case, avidya once dispelled will not return.   This was said in the
wake of situations like the realized one might die in pain, lunacy, etc.
Such situations that might result in his not remembering his realized state
during death and the question - will such a one be born again? will not
arise since there is no pramana that can set aside the sakshatkara that has
once arisen. The knowledge has arisen by the means of the shastra and only
a stronger pramana can set it aside. But we do not see a pramana stronger
than shastra.

The popular tiger chasing in dream' analogy also is relevant here: The
dream, along with the tiger, chasing and fear - are all sublated upon
waking. But the fact of having woken up, caused by the dream tiger chasing,
is not sublated; it remains uncontradicted.

Thus, even if the means is false, the end effect need not be false; it can
be true.

Such is the firm 'decision' in this matter.

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