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In the Gita bhasya while commenting on the 9.18 acharya gives a set of
 atttibutes of bagavan Krishna.

Gita 9.18 -   I am the Supreme Goal of all living beings, and I am also
their Sustainer, Master, Witness, Abode, Shelter, and Friend. I am the
Origin, End, and Resting Place of creation; I am the Repository and Eternal

18.1. गतिः इति ।। गतिः कर्मफलम्, भर्ता पोष्टा, प्रभुः स्वामी, साक्षी
प्राणिनां कृताकृतस्य, निवासः यस्मिन् प्राणिनः निवसन्ति, शरणं आर्तानां -
प्रपन्नानां आतिहरः, सुहृत् प्रत्युपकारानपेक्षः सन् उपकारी, प्रभवः उत्पत्तिः
जगतः, प्रलय.- प्रलीयते अस्मिन् इति, तथा स्थानं तिष्ठति अस्मिन् इति, निधानं
निक्षेपः कालान्त- रोपभोग्यं प्राणिनाम्, बीजं प्ररोहकारणं प्ररोहर्धामणाम्,
अव्ययं – यावत्संसार- भावित्वात् अव्ययम् । न हि अबीजं किञ्चित् प्ररोहति;
नित्यं च प्ररोहदर्शनात् बीजसन्ततिः न व्येति इति गम्यते ।। किच -
 18.1 'The 'goal' is the fruit of actions. The 'support' is He who
sustains. The 'Lord' is the owner. He is the 'Witness' of both what is done
and left undone. He is the 'Abode' for, all living beings dwell in Him. He
is the 'Refuge' of those who suffer, the dispeller of the sufferings of
those who have sought Refuge. He is the 'Friend' who aids irrespective of
any service in return. He is also the 'Source or the world's origin. He is
the 'Dissolution'-that in which the world is dissolved. He is 'Existence'
as the world exists in Him; also the 'Treasury' of fruits which the living
beings reap in future. He is the 'Seed'- the cause of sprouting of all that
sprouts. It is 'indestructible' as it coexists with the world. Nothing
seedless sprouts.

This reminds me of a popular prayer sung in praise of lord Narayana
“tvameva mata pita tvameva, tvameva bandhu sakha tvameva, tvameva Vidya
dravinam tvameva ….”

Namo Narayana

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