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Dear Members,                                Todays TOI Speaking Tree article speaks something about How to spend time ALONE & CREATIVELY by Author Narayani Ganehs, Here is the Link for the Artilce.

The author says that :
We like to surround ourselves with sights and sounds, with people, with audio-visual stimuli, so that we are never alone.
According to a researcher, “An ideal time to drift off is when you are doing something that doesn’t demand much mental attention: waiting for the bus, gardening, cleaning, showering, taking a walk or even brushing your teeth.” It can be easier to daydream when you’re engaged in a menial task than when you’re doing nothing at all, says Jonathan Schooler, a psychologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara who studies human cognition, which is an extraordinary science discipline.
One could call this ‘mindful daydreaming’ – wherein you daydream about things that ignite your curiosity and which interest you. Seekers may daydream about existential questions, about the mysteries of life and after-life, without reaching for the phone or iPad, without having to sound out your doubts to another person and without putting pressure on yourself to find the right answers. That is, let the mind wander free but in positive & happy ways.wow, What a beautiful article & the author can be reached for more writeups & articles regarding minds game or sport of mind at : ganeshnarayani at yahoo.com
Every one wants to become seer or sant by making their mind free & by not giving importance to mind, it is not possbile at all. 
Seer ship or becomming sant is not ordinary taks, First it is not available in market, as it can't be purchased, It should come within, it is heridatary, it comes by Janma Samskara,
 It is a gift for the individual by BIRTH.

 Seer Literally means the one  that sees. one that predicts events or developments,  a person credited with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight, one that practices divination especially by concentrating on a glass or crystal globe.

One great personality from andhra who worked at AP secarateriat (in the combined state of AP), Who lives at Dhamrapuri colony, near Uppal, namely Sh. Peri Siva Kumar, PA, who was a  srividya purnadeeksha Para by mistake from a Telugu Teacher & responsible for that teacher's son death  and that telugu teacher treats him as his own son after his son namely Rama Mallikarjuna Sastry's death, para wrote a personal mail form the list in telugu language which I copy it here:
 We have to fight with guruvugaru nato enduku matladatamledu. lekapothi nannu endukumeedagarakuravaddu aniantunnaru lekapothi meeru maintike eppudu vastaru inka kavalanti with greataffection and bhakito nannu mantra deekhsa sadhanalo eppdu uddaristaru eppuduvunnathasthithiki teesukonivellutaru lantive manamu aayananu adagavachuaayanatho deeni gurichi potladavach adi kuda bhakthi tho whti grate affectionanteprema tho abhimanamtho.  guruvuku daggaraga vundataniki prayatnam cheyi.duramga vundataniki kadu. bhagavatudiki duramgavunna parvaledu guruvukedaggaraga vunte chalu, idi vunte avianni vuntai.  idi lekapothi avi annivunna lenatly. guruvu antene a sabdaniki vunna arthame adi.  andukani nasincere advise first u sey sorry to guru. saying that because of my prarabdakarmavalla nenu meetho ala pravarthinchavalasivachinadi. nannu meeru kakainkevaru vuddharinchagalaru. dayato nannu kshaminchi nannu meedaggarikiteesokovavalasindi ani ila vinayam tho bhakti to abhimanam tho adugu. migatavi anne ave sardukuntai.  i can say neevu vere yentamandi sadhuvuladaggirik vellina neeku ilanti guruvu dorakadam durlabham. idi nenu naswaanubhavamto cheptunnanu. neni kadu sekhar anubhavam kuda ide. inka chalacheppalane vunnadi kani bagundademo any vurukuntunnanu.
I feel all these things what ever he writes is nonsense. It is all bullshit and each soul has its vision and none can teach or spoon feed any one.

One should look within, should have a bigger out look, should see with natures eyes  and people's time can be known by looking within and with broader vision following prakriti niyama.

Vankhandeswara maharaj ki Jai Ho, Pethambara peethadiswara ki Jai ho.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
    On Saturday, 20 August, 2022 at 06:32:08 am IST, KAMESWARARAO MULA via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:  
 Dear Members,                                 Today TOI, Speaking Tree article, speaks something about the importance & out come of Self-Realisation Process by Author Sh. Rajiv Vij, Here is the Link:
Pursue self-realisation, it pays rich dividends (indiatimes.com)

What makes the human experience interesting, rich and fun are our six senses, the sixth being our mind. However, the same senses act as a nearly impossible barrier for us to realise the deepest truth about ourselves.IF SOME ONE WANTS TO SPEAK TO THEIR MIND , IT MEANS THAT THEY HAVE TO FORGET THEIR BODY CONCIOUNESS OTHERWISE ONLY WAY IS TO SURRENDER TO ALMIGHTY/GOD. TIMES HAS ITS TURN AWALYS, IT GOES & COMES BACK SO QUCIKLY AND LOOKS THAT EVERYTHING IS QUITE NORMAL. BUT REALITY IS SOMETHIG DIFFERENT.
These senses are our window to the external world. The greatest pleasures in our life seemingly come from experiences derived from these senses. The eyes admire beauty, taste buds relish gourmet food and a lover’s touch makes the heart sing. However, the apparatus of these senses comes with some serious design limitations.. We experience lightness, connectedness and happiness.
Unless we consciously seek this path, due to our conditioned mind and the powerful draw of our senses, we do settle into the delusional social constructs of what life is. We are then drawn to egotistic growth, instant gratification and more screen time. I believe we can all do better than that.Some useful Information to Share:
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Bhava Shankara deshika me sharanam, Jai Jai Shankra , Hara Hara Shankra

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
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