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Hari OM

Pranams and best wishes to all on Janmashtami and pray Lord Krishna to
shower His choicest blessings on every one.


Lord Krishna,

Even though you are never born and despite you telling that you are not
Forgive me for celebrating your birthday!

Even though all the butter in the world including the world is yours to
begin with
Forgive me for calling you "navaneetachora', stealer of butter!

Even though you are contented with just a leaf, flower or water
Forgive me for not being contented with whatever you gave!

Even though you held up patiently a mountain on your little finger for days
protecting many,
Forgive me for being impatient with little traffic jams every day!

Even though a king you washed feet of sages during Rajasuya Yajna,
Forgive me for fancying often that I deserve a royal treatment!

Even though handling many duties you are so ever prompt to respond,
Forgive me for procrastinating many things that are important to even

Even though you knew Arjuna all life but chose to teach Gita only when
Forgive me for offering unasked advices to uninterested treating it as a

Even though you never forgot any help you got from any one,
Forgive me for forgetting you often even after getting everything!

Even though you are the Lord of the universe
Forgive me for praying you to reside in my little, fault-filled heart!

Hari OM

On Friday, August 19, 2022 at 10:23:25 AM EDT, putran M <putranm4 at gmail.com>

6.29: One who has his mind Self-absorbed through Yoga, and who has the
vision of sameness everywhere, sees his Self existing in everything, and
everything in his Self.


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