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> Namaste.
> Reg  <<  This position is not very sound  >>,
> Swami Guruparananda covers this aspect very aptly (in my understanding )
> in his talk to which I had given reference earlier in my post. He
> explicitly  raises this point and states that we cannot question this stand
> based on our understanding. It needs to be accepted on the authority of the
> Shastras. Since you are familiar with tamil, I would request you to take
> some time off and listen to his talk. I am not by any means suggesting that
> you must accept his views, but at least you would be coming across such
> views from another person well acquainted with shastras. Accepting it or
> not is purely your prerogative of course. As far as I am concerned it is
> the view of Swami Sureswaracharya and Swami Vidyaranya, and is consistent
> with BSB 3-4-51.

Thanks for the audio link to Swami Guruparananda's class on the topic.  I
heard it and found it awesome.

The earlier audio covers the following verses wherein the second verse
below, there is the element of 'smriti', recollection. In the analogy the
student 'remembers' what he has learnt/practiced the previous day and is
able to recite the passages.  From this we arrive at this conclusion: In
the context of Jnana arising in a later time while the shravana, etc. have
been completed in an earlier period/life, there is necessarily the element
of recollection/remembrance of what has been practiced earlier.  Unless
this element is admitted, one cannot reasonably account for the aparoksha
jnana arising upon the pratibandha kshaya. The terms 'smaret' and
'paripacyante', 'kaalena pacyate' inform us that the Vedanta shravana etc.
too undergo a paaka, process, during the period of its latency and come up
as a smriti and blossom into aparoksha jnanam. This paripaka is
demonstrated in the krishi analogy well. Hence alone the case of Vamadeva
is bracketed along with the case of yoga bhrashta of the Gita 6th chapter
in the BSB and the Panchadashi as well.  This is not a case of aparoksha
jnanam having already arisen and later manifesting upon the pratibandha

Panchadashi Ch.9: verses 35 - 37

गर्भ एव शयानः सन्वामदेवोऽवबुद्धवान् ।
पूर्वाभ्यस्तविचारेण यद्वदध्ययनादिषु ॥ ३५॥

बहुवारमधीतेऽपि तदा नायाति चेत्पुनः ।
दिनान्तरेऽनधीत्यैव पूर्वाधीतं *स्मरेत्पुमान्* ॥ ३६॥

कालेन *परिपच्यन्ते* कृषिदर्भादयो यथा ।
तद्वदात्मविचारोऽपि शनैः *कालेन पच्यते *॥ ३७॥

> Regards

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