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Reg  <<  This position is not very sound  >>,

Swami Guruparananda covers this aspect very aptly (in my understanding ) in
his talk to which I had given reference earlier in my post. He explicitly
raises this point and states that we cannot question this stand based on
our understanding. It needs to be accepted on the authority of the
Shastras. Since you are familiar with tamil, I would request you to take
some time off and listen to his talk. I am not by any means suggesting that
you must accept his views, but at least you would be coming across such
views from another person well acquainted with shastras. Accepting it or
not is purely your prerogative of course. As far as I am concerned it is
the view of Swami Sureswaracharya and Swami Vidyaranya, and is consistent
with BSB 3-4-51.


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>> Namaste.
>> In my previous post please make the following correction.
>> For      << On expiation of the prarabdha karma.., jnAna automatically
>> rises without any other act, whether sadhana or recollection  >>.
>> Read     << On expiation of the prarabdha karma, jnAna which had already
>> risen earlier manifests without any further act, whether sAdhana or
>> recollection >>
> This position is not very sound. Jnana is a vritti. If it arises it will
> be definitely known by the sadhaka. And that would mean that is his last
> birth. Unless his is a case of aadhikarika purusha, he will not be born
> again. But here we have Vamadeva already in the womb. That means the avidya
> nivartaka jnanam had not arisen before. And it arose only now in the womb
> as is clear from his declaring his sarvatmatva like ahamannam..of the
> Taittiriya.
> regards
> subbu
> This clarifies my understanding.
>> Regards

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