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That you for your kind response, Subbu Ji.
Is it not a bit problematic to talk of a creator paramatma when the Mandukya upanishad assert only one brhmam that always is, the Omkara?.ayam atma brhma it says.
So when the quoted verse talks of the jiva in the jagrit state, the saptanga part belongs to the atma of the jiva itself, as the stulabhukVaishvanara: in this 3rd Mandukya verse:
जागरितस्थानो बहिष्प्रज्ञः सप्ताङ्ग एकोनविंशतिमुखः स्थूलभुग्वैश्वानरः प्रथमः पादः ।।
Doesn't bringing in the Paramatma concept kind of also brings in duality?
The only difference in the Jiva in ignorance and the jiva realized is the state of duality. Duality is the ignorance
I am sure I making some error in my reasoning.
Thank you.

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> Pranams to all of you.
> अग्नीर्मूर्धा चक्षुषी चन्द्रसूर्यौ दिशः श्रोत्रे वाग्विवृताश्च वेदाः । 
> वायुः प्रणो हृदयं विश्वमस्य पद्भ्यां पृथिवी ह्येष सर्वभूतान्तरात्मा ॥ ४ ॥
>  Krishnanda in his commentary on the Mandukya upanished (verse 3) says this verse from the Manduka upanishad  refers to the Paramatma, that is Brhman. The verse seems to say it is the atma that resides in all the jivas. Would greatly appreciate clarification of what this specifically refers to.

As per Advaita, the Paramatma, the one who created the universe, is the one dwelling in every jiva.  The difference between jiva and that Paramatma is not absolute; it is only due to ignorance. Atma in this sense of residing in every jiva is only the other name for Brahman/Paramatma/Antaryami.

> Thank you.Soma
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