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> Pranams to all of you.
> अग्नीर्मूर्धा चक्षुषी चन्द्रसूर्यौ दिशः श्रोत्रे वाग्विवृताश्च वेदाः ।
> वायुः प्रणो हृदयं विश्वमस्य पद्भ्यां पृथिवी ह्येष सर्वभूतान्तरात्मा ॥ ४ ॥
>  Krishnanda in his commentary on the Mandukya upanished (verse 3) says
> this verse from the Manduka upanishad  refers to the Paramatma, that is
> Brhman. The verse seems to say it is the atma that resides in all the
> jivas. Would greatly appreciate clarification of what this specifically
> refers to.

As per Advaita, the Paramatma, the one who created the universe, is the one
dwelling in every jiva.  The difference between jiva and that Paramatma is
not absolute; it is only due to ignorance. Atma in this sense of residing
in every jiva is only the other name for Brahman/Paramatma/Antaryami.


> Thank you.Soma
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