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> Namaste Praveen ji
> > > So eternal hell is an illogical
> > > idea - or one might put it this way ; *eternal* hell is not a damned
> good
> > > idea!!
> > >
> >
> > Further, here is another reason why eternal hell interpretation to those
> > non-Vishnu bhaktas by Dvaitins is a logical failure: Imagine that a jIva
> > was indeed thrown into eternal hell. What is the reason he wasn't in hell
> > before? Because he was definitely not a non-Vishnu bhakta; meaning he
> was a
> > Vishnu-bhakta. Why was he born at all in that case? Shouldn't he have
> been
> > liberated already then?! At the very least it should be agreed that
> > Vishnu-bhaktas will be born again.

According to Madhva-s, they have identified 21 'Ku-bhashyas' that Madhva
has refuted/rejected.  Of course this list includes Shankara, Bhaskara,
Yadavaprakasha, Ramanuja and others.  As per their Ishavasya
interpretation, all those who hold/subscribe to 'mithya jnana' (flawed
doctrine, that is, opposed to Madhva's system) are destined to andham
tamas.  So, the entire 21 are suffering in that region. The brand of
Vaishnavism of Ramanuja and all others who came after Madhva, Nimbarka,
Chaitanya, etc. are all unacceptable to Madhva and thus these individuals
and their followers are in andham tamas or on the way to it.. In fact
according to them whoever opposed, fought with and were slain by Bhima in
the Mahabharata  are asura-s and thus in andham tamas.



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