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Hari Om,

Should Cause (कारण)  and Effect (कार्य) have same level of reality (सम
सत्ता) ?  Are there any exceptions? >>,


All entities in Creation derive their aspect of नाम-रूप (nAma-rUpa), Name
and Form,  by way of pariNAma (transformation)  of  the fundamental
material (upAdAna), avidyA. Hence avidyA is termed the उपादान (upAdAna) for
the entire Creation. This process of pariNAma (transformation)  is also
termed  कारण-कार्य (kAraNa-kArya) (C and E). Both कारण-कार्य (kAraNa-kArya)
(C and E) enjoy  सम सत्ता (sama sattA), same level of sattA namely व्यावहारिक
सत्ता (vyAvahArika sattA).

All these entities in Creation derive their aspect of existence (sattA)
from  Brahman, सत्य (satya), THE Only Existent, which enjoys पारमार्थिक
सत्ता  (pAramArthika sattA). In this context, in the BhAshya, Brahman is
also termed The कारण (kAraNa) for the entire Creation, which is कार्य (kArya)
(including avidyA). Here, Brahman (THE kAraNa) and Creation (kArya)  enjoy विषम
सत्ता (vishama sattA), differennt levels of existence or sattA.

Dream and entities like rope-serpent enjoy a third level of sattA
namely  प्रातिभासिक
सत्ता (prAtibhasika sattA). They are of the nature of impressions projected
 by avidyA and are not considered to conform to kAraNa-kArya category. I
stand to correction in this regard.


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