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In continuation to my last statement in the previous post, dream and
rope-serpent like creations are pariNAma of avidyA no doubt, kAraNa-kArya
only. But each and every creation therein is a direct transformation of
avidyA, without any sequential or followup transformation from one creation
to another. That is the distinction from the vyAvahArika state creation.



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> Should Cause (कारण)  and Effect (कार्य) have same level of reality (सम
> सत्ता) ?  Are there any exceptions? >>,
> Namaste.
> All entities in Creation derive their aspect of नाम-रूप (nAma-rUpa), Name
> and Form,  by way of pariNAma (transformation)  of  the fundamental
> material (upAdAna), avidyA. Hence avidyA is termed the उपादान (upAdAna)
> for the entire Creation. This process of pariNAma (transformation)  is also
> termed  कारण-कार्य (kAraNa-kArya) (C and E). Both कारण-कार्य
> (kAraNa-kArya) (C and E) enjoy  सम सत्ता (sama sattA), same level of
> sattA namely व्यावहारिक सत्ता (vyAvahArika sattA).
> All these entities in Creation derive their aspect of existence (sattA)
> from  Brahman, सत्य (satya), THE Only Existent, which enjoys पारमार्थिक
> सत्ता  (pAramArthika sattA). In this context, in the BhAshya, Brahman is
> also termed The कारण (kAraNa) for the entire Creation, which is कार्य (kArya)
> (including avidyA). Here, Brahman (THE kAraNa) and Creation (kArya)  enjoy विषम
> सत्ता (vishama sattA), differennt levels of existence or sattA.
> Dream and entities like rope-serpent enjoy a third level of sattA namely  प्रातिभासिक
> सत्ता (prAtibhasika sattA). They are of the nature of impressions
> projected  by avidyA and are not considered to conform to kAraNa-kArya
> category. I stand to correction in this regard.
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