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Dear Friends,                       DWAITA siddhanta Rahasya teaches us there exists two folded path, one is Dharma the other is A-Dharma. only a Capital A was added before, No Big Difference exists. Why because the origin of Adharma is Dharma only.  Dharma is sindhura vermillion golden colour just like the sun who is going to get in the dawn at the Usha's TIME, Where is Dharma is in black color , some time time it may fall in the region of VIBGOYR (Violet-Indigo-Blue-Green-Orange-Yellow-Red) also.
Where as the Naya sastra's & Sasana's  are made by group of people sit together with some collective opinion. Some times it may have wested benefits & interests of the people who made those laws. But the Law of Karma is governed by Dharma. In reality, to be frank of purely of my personal opinion and there is no sastra pramana that what drives the Law. There is a popular saying in northern india that  'Kanoon Andha vo ta hi', TO DO JUSTICE FOR ANY THING YOU NEED EVIDENCE, without evidence, although you no everything who has done what , we need to catch the Guilty person red-handedly with some Proof. Let him Shame on Himself as he may think that he is acting smartly.
We need to give chance to people so that they commit their self-mis-takes. Although it may not be the 'Veera Lakshana', may be you call it as 'Piriki Panda' in telugu language. It looks like that we are showing back in our battle field, in reality we are not doing any war, then where is the question of showing back? We exists today? So we show our full strength on God's CHO'sen day, as we need to wait until the Judgement day. 
Some times God Gives opportunities to all of us in different ways to rectify our mistakes, where as if you resists for change your self and stricts your own logics, then people will fall in their own traps only and this applies to all, no exception here.
Finally my conclusion is that, But What governs the Universal Law is that the PRAKRITI NIYAMA.
To explain this there is a good movie in malayalam named swati kiranm directed by Kala Tapaswi,              K. Viswanadh , major role played by Ma mutti & Shanmuka nath, in that the Teacher is jealous about a small students knowledge and he never allowed his student to grow in front of him as he thinks & fears for him that he may overcome him. But the student is not like that, he suside's himself to take the re-birth as he batted for DHARAMA side. The climax of that movie was so wonderful that the so arrogant, jealous, Pride, Thief,  Teacher for his knowledge which is 'avidya', restricting himself for spiritual advancement, made himself pathless, stands still at the GATE of his students house who has taken re-birth as Prahlada, Bhaga-vatottama, Narayana swarupa who is going to take refugee at the feet of Lakshmi Narasimha.
If he wants to talk to his student he has to explain himself what has occurred or If he does not want to give a single opportunity to his student he can take the refugee of the MOTHER's feet, so that he can self-dissolves himself in that fire and there is no objection for that. He can acts as what his 'chitta' says, choice lies with him. Student can maintain the things for himself. Where as the Student is always obedient to his Teacher, He can also make little effort to make a dialogue which he did in the past. The Teacher's Family shouted at the student & shutter the doar on student's face. This is the actual story happened in Kerala at the house of 'Pakshi Tirtham Mother'. Salilam ma Pujya.
Veda Manu sruti says that ' Apaha Prithvi, Prithvi Tejo, Tejo vayu, Vayu rAksaha.Akasat patitam to yam, Yadha gachhanti sagaram, Sarva deva namaskaraha, Kesavam Pratigachhati.
Mantra Pushpam Link : https://youtu.be/-yS-Jky997Y 
Veda Mantra: https://youtu.be/YiuOMu1S9Ws
Let the TIME decides  & tell us what our Duty to be done.
SriGuru Padaravindarpana Mastu
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