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> Namaste
> Even today there is a Siva Linga in Mantralaya. Maadhwas believe it is very
> ancient and Prahlada worshipped it before. Raayaru is
> Prahlada Avatara according to them. It means Raayaru also was Siva Bhakta.
> He may be Vishnu Bhakta but he is Siva Bhakta also. Otherwise why did he
> choose that particular spot with Siva Linga in Mantralaya? Fanatic Madhwas
> cannot answer this question but the broad minded can answer it properly.

One thing critics of Madhva mata has not correctly understood is that
Madhvas are not Hara dvEshi unlike srIvaiShNavites. For Madhvas, Rudra dEva
is manOttvAbhimAni and without His grace one cannot get bhakti in Hari. One
can see the essence of this position in one of the daasa kirthana ' Taila
daaryantye Hariyelli mana kodo ShambhO...'

All dEvata-s are acceptable as Hari parivAra but not as abhEda not uttama
with Hari. The saying goes 'parivArayatyA grAhya sarvOttamattvEna agrAheya'

You do not seems to understand the dispute in this thread. The argument of
this thread is whether or not there exist abhEda between Hari and Hara.
While Madhva-s deny abhEda between them, it does not automatically means
Madhvas are Hara dvEshi-s.

I am not sure your experience with 'Fanatic Madhwas', but Madhvas are not
opposed to Hara's worship. You see Shiva linga in many Madhva temples and


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