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So what? He did not say the two schools are identical. He only said it is closest to Advaita compared to the other schools. Even the much earlier sarvadarshana sangraha had stated such a hierarchy. After all Appayya was writing as per that school.
A : I think Vidyaranya has said Patanjala school is closest to Advaita. Even if Appaya Dikshit said Shivadvaita is closest to Shankara's Advaita, it is still a baseless argument and is only a personal opinion/bias. This bias towards Shaiva school is consistent in all his works. 

There is difference among the schools. He appealed only to those who were willing to transcend bigotry.
A : It's no wonder when he attempted to reconcile different schools of Vedanta, he made the same attempt at reconciling different views within Advaita. The various schools of vedanta obviously reject such a possibility. But Advaitins seem to take it for granted as if it is a good thing. 

No one has succeeded in proving parama siddhanta bheda. 
A : There are a few critiques but it is extremely hard to find. 

The second chapter of mandukya in particular. You can find the drshyatva hetu in BGB 2.16 and logic throughout the prasthana traya bhashya. 
A : I am afraid, you are wrong again. Please look it up. 

That one quote is enough to silence the opponent. In fact it says that there is simply no limit ever to the number of such prakriyas that take their adherents to advaita. So any Acharya in eternity can device a prakriya to suit his pupil with perfect conformity with the fundamental siddhanta.
A : I don't disagree with what Sureshvara is saying. I am saying it is not prakriya bedha.


All this is not at all a problem to the sincere seeker. No sincere seeker has ever stated these as a problem. It is only the historian or the curious that has no interest ever in Sadhana that sees these as a problem. Clearly such a one is an asampradayavit as per Shankara. Such a one has no place in advaita Sadhana.
A : This is hilarious. Are you the gatekeeper of Advaita sadhana that you can throw out anyone saying you have no place in sadhana? May I ask, what is your level of sadhana? The only obstacle to Jnana is Ajnana. So I wonder what is the point of life-long sadhana (whatever that is) when you are not interested in vimarsha. 





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