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Dear Participants in "The safe Way",
     Here is the most direct,  easiest and The SAFE way for cognizing one's true SvarUpa I request all of you to give a break to these discussions at least for some time.. Please study the teachings given below with an open mind, cognize the vastu, which is none other than one's true svarUpa, which the teachings are pointing at within yourself by yourself . I am sharing these with you because these teachings helped me in my journey towards MYSELF. Quote:What are you? What is your constant and abidingnature?Theuncreated, unborn light of awareness is what I am. Beforeanything else can be experienced, you must be there to experience it. Evenbefore you ask anything, you are present, you exist as the one for whom thatdoubt appears. Justremember that being precedes thinking. You are there, before you thinkanything. Youare aware of the mind. So evidently the mind is not what you are. So going bydirect experience, what an you see and understand about this nature  of yours which is aware of the mind?[Priorto the concepts, something is present as that to which concepts appear. That iswhat is being pointed to. Seeing that, you are off the track of the words andconcepts at that point. Priorto all sensing of anything you must be present as that to which the sensingappears. Beforethe next thought, you are. Unquote.The readers who are familiar with Kena and Katha upanishads will see that this is the true traditional genuine sampradayic methodology.

With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy

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