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>     I have not read SLS and other works of Sri Appayya Deekshitar.  But as far as my understanding  goes about his works, he has not made any attempt to settle the discripancies instead he just listed (siddhAnta saMgraha) out the various stands of various vyAkhyAna-s existing in Advaita saMpradAya, it seems he has not taken any side to prove the validity of one particular prakriya over another.  His intention was just to show all prakriya-s can be accommodated under the single banner Advaita.  I may be wrong here.

A : You are right he didn't. He also didn't justify why he thought that all views were mere prakriya bedhas as he has declared while summarising. Yet another fact is that he was never a Shankara's follower but Neelakanta's. He remained as a Shaiva till the end. He only tried to reconcile Shiva-Advaita with Shankara's.

praNAms Sri Aditya Kumar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If I remember right, Sri Vidya prabhuji too says that Sri Appayya deekshita was the follower of shivaadvaita but he did not have any aversion towards any of the  vaishNava schools.  BTW, which school Sri appayya deeskshita belong to ??  From your hatred towards  Sri appayya deekshita it is clear that he is from vivaraNa school ☺   I was in close association with one of the scholars from bhAmati school he used to write a lot to me and to the list with the name ‘antaryaami’ (devaraj is his name I think) but unfortunately passed away at the very young age.  You can read his mails from the archieves.   And from the write up on post shankara advaitins,  Sri vidyA prabhuji observes  that Sri madhusUdana saraswati deviates from shankara’s mUla bhAshya with regard to interpretation of geeta, Upanishad and brahma sUtra –s but I think it was not detailed as to in which topic he differs from shankara.  Anyway, I don’t remember exact words of Sri Vidya prabhuji with regard to this, please check these informations which  will be available in the web page.  As we all of us know, Sri Vidya prabhuji, simply does not talk in the air, when he says something he does really mean it.

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