[Advaita-l] Self-effort or Fate?

Aditya Kumar kumaraditya22 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 09:03:42 EST 2017

 Ø  For that matter even jnana also cannot give us the new status called mOksha that which we were not…it only eliminates the obstacles to know the already well established true status of ours. 

A : More like Jnana itself is Moksha. So probably we can't differentiate jnana and jnani.  
Ø  Yes, Upanishad advise us to approach a shrotreeya brahmanishTa guru by holding the samit in our handJ
  A : Haha. 

 Ø  Only one jnAni can recognize the another jnAni (they might have some secret code to communicateJ .  And the jnana is his own intuition nobody can question and doubt it says bhAshyakAra somewhere.  We have to become ‘rudra’ to do the archana to ‘rudra’ likewise we have to become brahmanishTa to know that there is an alter egoJ
A : Hmm,,your answer is unclear but I am not expecting a perfect answer anyway.  
 Ø    BrahmanishTa may be a siddha or may not be…yOga siddhi-s are not the yard stick to measure the stature of brahmanishTa.  

A : Siddhi simply means perfection. So ideally, a Yogi or a jnani should get Yoga siddhis prior to Brahma jnana/sakshatkara. There are many evidences to this sort of view. Brahma nishta-tva could happen progressively or suddenly, I agree. But once reaching the highest state of sadhana, a simple Yoga siddhi can't be said to be void. Afterall, what is the karana/casue of Yoga siddhis? Is it a hit or miss kind of thing? 
In any case, it seems like it's impossible to differentiate a Brahma Nishta from a self-deluded person who thinks he is Brahma Nishta. Very arbitrary.  
Ø  Sorry if I am disappointed you with these silly answers. 
A : I am not looking for any solutions, just views. 
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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