[Advaita-l] Self-effort or Fate?

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Wed Nov 22 08:27:42 EST 2017

praNAms Sri Aditya Kumar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I kind of feel the same but Moksha cannot be attained by Katma phala right?

Ø   Yes, mOksha is not purusha tantra it is vastu tantra which is not the result of any effort.  For that matter even jnana also cannot give us the new status called mOksha that which we were not…it only eliminates the obstacles to know the already well established true status of ours.

Another sub-question is : To learn from Guru, should he/she be a brahmanishta?

Ø   Yes, Upanishad advise us to approach a shrotreeya brahmanishTa guru by holding the samit in our hand ☺

Most people say we will never know if the Guru is Brahmanishta, but is this true?

Ø   Only one jnAni can recognize the another jnAni (they might have some secret code to communicate ☺ .  And the jnana is his own intuition nobody can question and doubt it says bhAshyakAra somewhere.  We have to become ‘rudra’ to do the archana to ‘rudra’ likewise we have to become brahmanishTa to know that there is an alter ego ☺

There are obviously some initial signs like an auspicious presence, good conduct etc and some more evident signs like having Yoga siddhis.

Ø     BrahmanishTa may be a siddha or may not be…yOga siddhi-s are not the yard stick to measure the stature of brahmanishTa. And good conduct depends on our interpretation of ‘good conduct’ which is very subjective and followers of certain ‘brahmanishTa’ have their own justification if the conduct of this brahmanishTa is questionable.  Auspicious presence etc. depends on the size of bucket we have to draw water from the empty / full bore well ☺ So no idamitthaM method to identity one as brahmanishTa or otherwise.

Ø   Sorry if I am disappointed you with these silly answers.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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