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> Performance of Vedic ritual is to get punya(apoorva). From the bhashya it
> appears that this punya can be got by
> vedabahya tantras.

​That's true. But, only by adhikArI-s.
And, vaidika-s are not adhikArI of tantra. Only deluded vaidika-s  out of
chAturvarNya, and women and and shUdra are ​their adhikArI-s.

In addition parameswaranugraha also.

​You have to know it clearly now:
In advaita-matam​, pleasure of Ishvara is puNya and his anger is pApa.
parameshvara does anugraha because even tantra-s are his orders, like
But, what does it bring to present discussion?

What else is
> needed?

​For what purpose just IshvarAnugaraha is needed and nothing else is
needed- is being said here by you? Every thing needs causes apart from
puNya-pApa. So, more things are needed indeed.
Don't try to make everything so easy, that will make Ishvara partial to
some people and harsh to some.

> Why janmantara VedanishTha and KRitakRityata.

​That you have to understand, '*svadharme nidhanaM shreyaH paradharmo
bhayAvahaH*' - negates *paradharma*. If some vaidika-s are shunning veda-s
and following tantra-s, they are accruing pApam, because it is negated by
So, the puNya gained by tantra-s is also coming with pApam, just as
shyena​-yAga comes with inevitable pApam. That's why shiShTa-s don't
perform shyena and hence they shun tantra-s too.

They can continue to follow the tantras and get moksha.

​No, I hope that you know that the philosophy of tantra-s is not same as
vedAnta. So, they have to follow veda anyhow!

> That is what
> tantras also say.

​Every shAstra and every mantra is said to give moxa. But, do any person
with thinking facility accepts them all? No, that's why mImAmsA or vichAra
is necessary.

> So all this circuitous exercise is a lame invention of nanyadasthItivadins.

I think that nAnyadastItivAdinaH can not be used for mImAmsaka-s since they
think before what they say. They test every position.
We may not do the same and blame them, is another thing.

> A number of people who proclaim themselves to be advaitins are prachchanna
> purvamimasakas.

​A few of members here are actually so angry and reactive to thinking and
testing of ideas that they utter anything here.

> They use the advaita as an armour to protect themselves from the onslaught
> of buddhists etc.

​Actually, mImAmsA system is strong enough to protect itself. You need to
study it to appreciate that.

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