[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Pāśupata, Pāncharātra, etc. composed by Śiva and Viṣṇu as mohaka śāstra

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> They are already out of the vedic fold (vedabahya) in this birth and
> therefore they are not adhikaris of vaidika ritual.

​There are two types of people : vedAdhikArI and others.
Now, if the quoted purANa says that it was they are for delusion of some to
take them to a-vaidika-mArga, then it is obvious that it is talking about
vedAdhikArI-s and not others.
This tantra-nindA is only for vedAdhikArI-s, so that they don't go on that

> Can an anadhikari perform vediic ritual and get benefit? I think the
> answer is no.

​Definitely no.
But, who is talking about them here?

> So when an anadhikari perfors a vedic ritual he does not get any benefit.
> Then where is the question of
> obstructing him by delusion. What purpose does it serve?

​Great! I hope that if you used same level of logic to get meaning of the
purANa-vAkya-s, then you could have easily understood the intended meaning.
But, since you were more furious than 'willing to understand', so you
negated one option and thought that that was the single option to refute to
prove purANa-vAkya useless and biased. I hope you understand that this is
not the case.

> Suppose they are vaidika marganuyayis and adhikaris for vedic ritual. Then
> the situation is that one set of
> vedamarganuyayis preventing another set of vedamarganuyayis from
> performing vedic rites. This will be factional fight.
> The ones who are preventing are on the wrong side

​Not correct.
If you don't know, then let me fill the gaps by informations:
Although vedAdhikArI-s are deluded by tantra-s, the cause is not just
creation/existence of tantra for their deviation. It is their choice to
trade on the path of tantra. Why do they go leaving veda-mArga​? Because,
they don't test validity, etc. of veda-s and tantra-s and their adhikArI-s;
and hence think that tantra is the way to get the result faster. So, it's
their desire of fruits(good or bad) and assumption, that tantra-s are for
vaidika-s or superior to veda-s, which takes them to that path.
To add, if you accept that purANa-s are pramANa, then you should also know
that brAhmaNa-s were cursed by gautama and shiva for different reasons and
hence were destined to not follow vaidika-mArga. So, to delude them these
tantra were created.
Now, if you see some other vaidika-s which follow them same motive, you
have understand that they are in the same category of cursed people, either
because of kAma or thought-less-ness.
So, how could shiva, viShNu, etc. can be said to be wrong just because they
created tantra-s. The y created them for specific person, and they are
following it since they earned the quality to follow them.

I hope you will like to think about these questions too:

> Next questions may be, how could we decide that vaidika-mArga is best and
>> they lead to it?
>> And, if God wants to protect them, why he created a path to delude them?
>> etc.​

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