[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Pāśupata, Pāncharātra, etc. composed by Śiva and Viṣṇu as mohaka śāstra

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> त्रैगुण्यविषयाः वेदाः निस्त्रैगुण्यो भवार्जुन
> *न कर्मणा* न प्रजया.....
> *न वेदा न यज्ञा *न तीर्थ ब्रुवन्ति

​We are talking about veda-s as whole, not only about karma-kANDa. So, stop
a second and now test what you said.
If you mean that just shunning the path of veda-s is enough to get moxa,
you are already free since I don't see any sign that  you are burdened by


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