[Advaita-l] pariNAma and vivarta discussion

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> After that will we be anywhere close to the lofty goal
> of achieving the state of "all knowing"? And by all knowing I truly
> mean all knowing - all sciences, arts, technology, astra-shastra, mantra
> - every imaginable vidyA and its siddhi? If the answer to this question is
> a loud "NO", at least a few of us should be troubled that our understanding
> of veda-s and vedAnta is very shallow.

​The type of omniscience you are wishing to get from eka-viGYAna is not
possible, and not taught in chhAndogya.
You have to correct your understanding of the goal.​

It is common to see that people who study vedAnta, have such shallow
understanding of their goals; mostly because they don't spend time in
'hair-splitting logic' to understand things clearly.

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