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> Namaste,
> While we engage in hair splitting arguments about which transformation
> is vivarta and which is pariNAma, I cannot but note that the chAndogya
> upanishad section that relates to this discussion aims to teach "That
> which when known, everything else is known". Assume that these arguments
> are settled. After that will we be anywhere close to the lofty goal
> of achieving the state of "all knowing"? And by all knowing I truly
> mean all knowing - all sciences, arts, technology, astra-shastra, mantra
> - every imaginable vidyA and its siddhi? If the answer to this question is
> a loud "NO", at least a few of us should be troubled that our understanding
> of veda-s and vedAnta is very shallow.
> PLEASE do not respond to this post with hollow statements like - "vedAnta
> teaches that all this is mithyA - so there is nothing to know - except the
> one all pervading consciousness ...".

The Mundakopanishat teaches:

ब्रह्मा देवानां प्रथमः सम्बभूव विश्वस्य कर्ता भुवनस्य गोप्ता ।
स ब्रह्मविद्यां सर्वविद्याप्रतिष्ठामथर्वाय ज्येष्ठपुत्राय प्राह ॥ १ ॥

The Acharya clarifies that all vidya-s are revealed by the common
substratum that is Brahmavidyā.  सर्वविद्याप्रतिष्ठां
; सर्वविद्यावेद्यं वा वस्त्वनयैव ज्ञायत इति, ‘येनाश्रुतं श्रुतं भवति अमतं
मतमविज्ञातं विज्ञातम्’ (छा. उ. ६ । १ । ३)
श्रुतेः ।

Any knowledge is revealed only only by that Consciousness. Knowledge arises
in the mind as a vritti and this is revealed/illumined by Consciousness.
In this sense it is said that Brahmavidyā is at the base of all vidya-s.
In another sense too, since all vidyas are only vivartas of Consciousness,
the above affirmation stands in tact.


> Regards,
> Shrinivas Gadkari
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