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In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the attainments of a Yogi are described in brief. But one of the main impediments for attaining perfection is following false doctrines / incorrect understanding. There is Siddhanta and there is also sAdhana. To understand the siddhanta itself , we need prior sAdhana. In my opinion, without the right samskara we cannot follow the drift of the siddhanta. Samskara dosha is the biggest impediment for chitta shuddhi. Why do we trust our elders? It is because we have observed their conduct and we have imbibed more than we have listened to them talk. 

In the current scenario, we have become averse to criticism. Like the old saying goes, we have to solicit censure like amrita and avoid praise like poison. All this attitude and approach is gone/lost. Hence nobody can speak from experience. It is just romanticizing a person, it's all about a good story. All you need is appropriately dressed actor and voila! We have a guru! ‎So obviously that guru will say everything is mithya but he himself would need a stick to walk around in old age. 

Kripa ‎‎
Yasya smarana mAtrena janma samsAra bandhanAt vimuchyate‎
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While we engage in hair splitting arguments about which transformation 
is vivarta and which is pariNAma, I cannot but note that the chAndogya 
upanishad section that relates to this discussion aims to teach "That 
which when known, everything else is known". Assume that these arguments 
are settled. After that will we be anywhere close to the lofty goal 
of achieving the state of "all knowing"? And by all knowing I truly 
mean all knowing - all sciences, arts, technology, astra-shastra, mantra 
- every imaginable vidyA and its siddhi? If the answer to this question is 
a loud "NO", at least a few of us should be troubled that our understanding 
of veda-s and vedAnta is very shallow. 

PLEASE do not respond to this post with hollow statements like - "vedAnta 
teaches that all this is mithyA - so there is nothing to know - except the 
one all pervading consciousness ...". 

Shrinivas Gadkari
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