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Sri V. Subramanian has said:
In Advaita time is also a product, just as any other object, emerging from
Brahman: Says Shankara in the Taittiriya bhāṣya:

To add to the above, one may refer to the viyadadhikaraNam in Brahmasutrabhashya (2.3.1 to 2.3.7) where the question of whether aakASa is created (kaarya, a product) or not is taken up. There after presenting Sruti statements and arguments, it is shown that a aakaaSa is indeed aVivarta of Brahman. At the end of the adhikaraNa, Bhagavatpaada says: "etenadikkaalamanaHparamaaNvaadInaaṃ kaaryatvaM vyaakhyātam" (By this it is explainedthat dik (direction), kaala (time), manas (mind), paramANu (atom) and others areeffects). Here reliance is placed upon satkaaryavaada.
In Advaita Vedanta, usually the concept of Time is not further elaborated. If one wants a more detailed treatment, one ought to refer to VaakyapadIya of Bhartrhari - specifically the kAlasamuddeSa which occurs in the padakANDa.
Sabdaadvaita of Bhartrhari is quite similar to Advaita; at any rate, if one has questions about how the unreal Time operates, Bhartrhari is the best guide in tradition.
If members are interested kAlasamuddeSa could be presented in some detail.
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