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Thank you for the additional inputs. Please go ahead presenting the
preferably in a separate thread.


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> Namaste
> Sri V. Subramanian has said:
> In Advaita time is also a product, just as any other object, emerging from
> Brahman: Says Shankara in the Taittiriya bhāṣya:
> To add to the above, one may refer to the viyadadhikaraNam in
> Brahmasutrabhashya (2.3.1 to 2.3.7) where the question of whether aakASa is
> created (kaarya, a product) or not is taken up. There after presenting
> Sruti statements and arguments, it is shown that a aakaaSa is indeed
> aVivarta of Brahman. At the end of the adhikaraNa, Bhagavatpaada says: "
> etenadikkaalamanaHparamaaNvaadInaaṃ kaaryatvaM vyaakhyātam" (By this it
> is explainedthat dik (direction), kaala (time), manas (mind), paramANu
> (atom) and others areeffects). Here reliance is placed upon satkaaryavaada.
> In Advaita Vedanta, usually the concept of Time is not further elaborated.
> If one wants a more detailed treatment, one ought to refer to VaakyapadIya
> of Bhartrhari - specifically the kAlasamuddeSa which occurs in the
> padakANDa.
> Sabdaadvaita of Bhartrhari is quite similar to Advaita; at any rate, if
> one has questions about how the unreal Time operates, Bhartrhari is the
> best guide in tradition.
> If members are interested kAlasamuddeSa could be presented in some detail.
> RegardsN. Siva Senani
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