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> Dear scholars,
> Kindly throw some light on "what is time?".
> Is it a mere imagination like the snake on a rope?
> Or
> Does it really exist, beyond the 5 pancha bhootas?
> As per accepted vedantic tradition.

In Advaita time is also a product, just as any other object, emerging from
Brahman: Says Shankara in the Taittiriya bhāṣya:

सर्वभावानां च तेनाविभक्तदेशकालत्वात् कालाकाशादिकारणत्वात्
निरतिशयसूक्ष्मत्वाच्च ।

Again there itself he says:

सर्वेषां हि वस्तूनां कालाकाशादीनां कारणं ब्रह्म । कार्यापेक्षया
वस्तुतोऽन्तवत्त्वमिति चेत्, न; अनृतत्वात्कार्यस्य वस्तुनः । न हि
कारणव्यतिरेकेण कार्यं नाम वस्तुतोऽस्ति, यतः कारणबुद्धिर्विनिवर्तेत; ‘वाचारंभणं
विकारो नामधेयं मृत्तिकेत्येव सत्यम्’ (छा. उ. ६-१-४)
सदेव सत्यमिति श्रुत्यन्तरात् ।

The above means:  Brahman is the cause of everything in creation. In other
words, Brahman is the substratum on which everything, including time and
space, is superimposed. Just as pot, jar, etc. are not separately existing
apart from clay, time, space, etc. have no independent existence apart from
Brahman. He also says, all objects, effects, are unreal, anṛtam. The Shruti
pramana for this is: all transformations are no more than words, just as
pot, jar, etc. are mere words ascribed to clay.


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