[Advaita-l] Which one is first in the creation sequence

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  When a room is dark and there are many objects in the room
 you cannot see
 the objects but they are there. You cannot say nothing is
 existing. When
 you switch on the light you can immediately see the objects.
 There objects
 are seen simultaneously and not one by one.

Venkatesh Murth - PraNAms

when a room is dark the objects may be there or may not be there. It is an indeterminate problem or anirvachanIyam.  Non-existence of objects is also covered by the darkness.  To establish the existence of an object -light has to illuminate it, senses have to be functional, the mind should be functioning too. Existence of an object is established only the knowledge of its existence.

Can you give a Shruti reference where time is created by Iswara?

Hari Om!

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