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> Can you give a Shruti reference where time is created by Iswara?

Dear Sada ji,

In the gloss to the opening mantra bhAShya of the mAnDukyopaniShad, Sri
Anandagiri says: The avyAkRta (mAyA, roughly)is not limited by time since
it is the cause of time too.  He cites a mantra:

//'sasasmvatsaro'bhavan na ha purA tataH samvatsara Asa'  - From this
shruti passage we know that Time originates from the sUtrAtman

Someone can give reference to this vedic passage and see what sAyNAchArya
 comments.  The rough translation of this sentence is: 'He
(sUtrAtmA/HiraNyagarbha) originated *along with* 'samvatsara', before him
samvatsara was not (existent).'


> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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