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> > Namaste,
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> > I have learned so much from this discussion. Thank you to all members who
> > has contributed to this thread.
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> > Personally, on a lighter note, I think that those who call us mAyAvAdi-s
> >
> Actually it was Sri VAchaspasti mishra, the author of the bhAmatI, who used
> this word to denote Vedantins.  This is because, all other schools opposed
> to vedAnta, such as sAnkhya, nyAya-vaisheshika, yoga, etc. are jagat
> satyatva, jIvanAnAtva vAdins.  Vedanta alone differed from them in
> proclaiming prapancha mithyAtva and jIvatva mithyAtva and ultimate aikya.
> This Vedanta does on the basis of bringing mAyA as per the shruti mAyAm tu
> prakRtim vidyAt..etc.  So, mAyAvAdins are vedantins.  Prior to Shankara and
> His Acharyas there were no non-adviatic vedantic schools.  So, to
> distinguish Vedanta from all non-vedantic schools the term mAyAviAdin was
> used.  It later became a term used by non-advaitic vedantins like VA and
> Dvaitins to refer derogatorily to Advaita/advaitins.
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