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HS Chandramouli

Dear Sri Kuntimaddi,

You wrote

<<  The sunrise and sunset, mirage waters, the crystal look red in the
vicinity of red flower, etc belong the first kind. >>

You have classified these as vyavaharika satya. Mirage water for example
does not quench our thirst. All these are pratibhasika only I thought.
Kindly clarify.


On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 7:18 AM, kuntimaddi sadananda <
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> On Sun, 2/2/14, Srirudra <srirudra at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Mirage water is no water.It is an illusion.But sunrise or
>  sunset are real in the sense that they are true phenomenon.I
>  think adhyaasa is applicable to Mirage water or necre in a
>  shell .But in sun rise there is no error in perception. Sun
>  does rise if the motion of earth's rotation is transferred
>  to sun as we work in relative velocity
>  problems.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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> Shree Krishnamoorthy - PraNAms
> You have just explained the mechanics of the process in terms of  how they
> differ.
> From advaita point there are two types of errors and one type is at the
> level of vyaavahaarika and the other at the level of praatibhaasika. These
> are also stated as sopaadhika adhyaasa and nirupaadhika adhyaasa
> The sunrise and sunset, mirage waters, the crystal look red in the
> vicinity of red flower, etc belong the first kind.
> Rope snake, post-ghost etc belong to the second kind.
> Similarly we have Iswara sRiShti and jiiva sRiShTi. The first type of
> errors belong the Iswara sRiShTi and the second type belongs to the Jiiva
> sRiShTi.
> Once I know it is rope and not the sanke I thought it was or once I have
> the knowledge of the adhiShTaanam, then I do not see anymore the snake or
> subjective projections. The snake is on that rope is gone permanently from
> my mind. Hence once I have realized the absolute truth is I am, then there
> is no jiiva sRiShTi. That means individual values projected due to raaga
> and dweshas are gone and there is no samsaara for the jnaani. I see the
> world as it is not what I think it is. It is there therefore I see it; and
> not I see it therefore it is there.
> Even after I know there is no real waters in the mirage water or there is
> no real sunrise or sunset or the crystal is not really red but only
> apparently red, the appearances will continue. I continue to see the mirage
> water even though I know there are no waters, I continue to see sunrise and
> sunset even though shastras say that there is sunrise or sunset and I
> continue to see the crystal red even though it is crystal clear to me that
> the crystal is clear.
> That means Jnaani will still the Iswara sRiShTi but does not see the Jiiva
> sRiShTi. Jiiva sRiShTi causes samsaara and that samsaara is gone for
> jnaani. Iswara sRiShTi is now understood as mithyaa or projection of the
> totality and there is no reality in it other than the substratum. Hence a
> Jnaani will look at the world as Iswara vibhuuti or correctly my own
> vibhuuti since Iswara-jiiva bhinnatvam is also understood as mithyaa
> only.This aspect is discussed in Pachadashi, I think ch. 4 in terms of
> jiiva sRiShTi and Iswara sRiShti.
> Hope this helps
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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