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 Mirage water is no water.It is an illusion.But sunrise or
 sunset are real in the sense that they are true phenomenon.I
 think adhyaasa is applicable to Mirage water or necre in a
 shell .But in sun rise there is no error in perception. Sun
 does rise if the motion of earth's rotation is transferred
 to sun as we work in relative velocity
Shree Krishnamoorthy - PraNAms 

You have just explained the mechanics of the process in terms of  how they differ.

>From advaita point there are two types of errors and one type is at the level of vyaavahaarika and the other at the level of praatibhaasika. These are also stated as sopaadhika adhyaasa and nirupaadhika adhyaasa

The sunrise and sunset, mirage waters, the crystal look red in the vicinity of red flower, etc belong the first kind.

Rope snake, post-ghost etc belong to the second kind.

Similarly we have Iswara sRiShti and jiiva sRiShTi. The first type of errors belong the Iswara sRiShTi and the second type belongs to the Jiiva sRiShTi.

Once I know it is rope and not the sanke I thought it was or once I have the knowledge of the adhiShTaanam, then I do not see anymore the snake or subjective projections. The snake is on that rope is gone permanently from my mind. Hence once I have realized the absolute truth is I am, then there is no jiiva sRiShTi. That means individual values projected due to raaga and dweshas are gone and there is no samsaara for the jnaani. I see the world as it is not what I think it is. It is there therefore I see it; and not I see it therefore it is there. 

Even after I know there is no real waters in the mirage water or there is no real sunrise or sunset or the crystal is not really red but only apparently red, the appearances will continue. I continue to see the mirage water even though I know there are no waters, I continue to see sunrise and sunset even though shastras say that there is sunrise or sunset and I continue to see the crystal red even though it is crystal clear to me that the crystal is clear.

That means Jnaani will still the Iswara sRiShTi but does not see the Jiiva sRiShTi. Jiiva sRiShTi causes samsaara and that samsaara is gone for jnaani. Iswara sRiShTi is now understood as mithyaa or projection of the totality and there is no reality in it other than the substratum. Hence a Jnaani will look at the world as Iswara vibhuuti or correctly my own vibhuuti since Iswara-jiiva bhinnatvam is also understood as mithyaa only.This aspect is discussed in Pachadashi, I think ch. 4 in terms of jiiva sRiShTi and Iswara sRiShti. 
Hope this helps

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