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>In the Br.Up. 1.4 we have the avidyAsUtram; yo anyAm devatAm upAste 'anyo
>aham anyo asau' iti na sa veda, sa devanAm pashuH'.  Whoever considers a
>devatA to be other than himself and vice versa does not know; he is verily
>a  cattle in the servitude of the deva-s.  The Upanishad wants an
>intelligent person to never become that and instead know the non-difference
>and free oneself from being a bhogyam.  
It is interesting you have brought the reference to Br. Up 1.4
During the two-day Memorial Day weekend camp, we are taking the Maitreyi Brahmana of the Br. Up. and perhaps first two talks will be entirely devoted to Shree Shankara's Introduction, primarily the first few paragraphs of the bhaashya - that starts with the quote from Br. Up 1.4.7- Atametyevopaaseeta - where further quotes from the same brahmana that justifies- sarvam atma iti eva - where upaasna has to culminate into the knowledge of that fact - aatma sarvam iti eva. We are going to do an exhaustive analysis of how that can be before we dwell into why - aatmanatu kaamaaya sarvam priyam bhavati - into aatma vijnaanena sarva vijnaanam bhavati or aatma jnaanam = sarva jnaanam - therefore shrotavyaH, mantavyH, nidhidhyaasitavyaH, etc.  A beautiful self-consistent analysis that Shankara provides summaring the essence of aham brahmaasmi statement in a nut-shell. Those who want to listen to the talks they will be availabe on line at 
 http://www.livestream.com/advaita_sadaji durring the May 25-26 from 9:00AM On. 
Hari Om!

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