[Advaita-l] Pramana for adhyaropa apavada

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Mon May 13 08:25:26 CDT 2013

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> <<Please read his mails.>>

I have read his mails. They match my own understanding.

<<Is reflection jadam or only the medium?>>

A distinct jIva is mithyA because the reflecting medium is mithyA. Without
the reflecting medium, there is no jIva. The jIvahood of the jIva comes
from the upAdhi (the jaDa reflecting medium).

The point to be understood is that the chit aspect itself is never
dR^ishya/bhogya. To the extent that one refers to a jIva as
dR^ishya/bhogya, one is really referring to the jaDa reflecting medium
which is what gives the jIva its status as a *distinct* entity. Without the
medium, only the shuddha chaitanya remains and that can never be

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