[Advaita-l] karma for sannyasis

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Jul 5 00:25:13 CDT 2013

It would be quite difficult to overcome some of these pashas while
remaining within the confines of the vaidika karma marga.
If the sanyasi understands the true purport of vaidika marga and there is 
no binding factor.  
As the yoga sutra says "shauchAt swAnga jugupsA parairasansargaH" ie., 
the purpose of shaucha niyamas in karma is to induce "jugupsa" towards one's own physical frame.  By repeatedly following the shaucha niyamas, one fine day, vairagya
would dawn with the thought that "this body can never be pure" which is full of
mala, mutra etc. 
On the flip side of shaucha :
There is every danger that the sanyasi may fall into the clutches of shAstra vAsana
which is called "shraddhA jADhya".   This "shraddha jaDatva" is giving excessive
importance to karma kANDa apart from bahu-shAstra grantha paTana. 
shauchAt swAnga jugupsA parairasansargaH

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