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I am not sure   whether I am directly answering your question?

but just reflect on what if a sanyasi/jivanmukta/ sadhaka tills the land
and engages in agriculture? Is it not a "good" karma?  In karma there is no
good and bad, rather the intent with which karma is performed makes a karma
good or bad.

Our office going, working in the office are all karma. can we say these or
good or bad karmas? can we say earning money, wealth is good or bad? rather
can we say, intent with which money is earned, work is carried out in the
office, acquiring the wealth is important. All these have their own
importance in the relative plane which cannot be ruled out. Ant Karma is a
reality in the relative plane of truth.

study of sastra  is the first step. seeing it in today's context especially
when it comes to relative truths is equally important.

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> Namaste,
> ///
> My question is why is a sanyasi allowed to worship Ishwara if bhakti is
> ajnana?
> Is he expected to worship Ishwara as that would be like forcing him in to
> ajnana?
> If it is to set an example for others, then why not he set an example by
> running goshala, a good karma or performing fire sacrifices? These are also
> purifying acts like upasana.
> //
> yati dharma says "na bAhya dEvArchanaM kuryAt" ie., they should not worship
> the devata externally.  There are various forms of upAsana like
> ahaMgrahOpAsana,
> nirguNa mAnasa pUja, parA pUja etc. which is the only vidhi for sanyasis.
> There are different stages for yatis like kutichaka, bahudaka etc.and one
> just can't become jivanmuktas in a jiffy by donning ocre robes.
> Good karmas for sanyasis too are like golden chains which bind them.
> Which is why atma dhyAna coupled with vedanta shravana, manana.
> Only jivanmuktas can do such type of good activities perfectly as in them
> there is no kartrutva bhAvana.
> These answers were well given by Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati Swamigal when
> a certain devotee asked Him why He is doing chandramoulishwara puja even
> though He is a jnani.
> regs,
> sriram
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