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>On the flip side of shaucha :
>There is every danger that the sanyasi may fall into the clutches of shAstra vAsana
>which is called "shraddhA jADhya".   This "shraddha jaDatva" is giving excessive
>importance to karma kANDa apart from bahu-shAstra grantha paTana. 
Beautiful. In essence, one should have a clear understanding of the very purpose of vidita karma. If one understands it one can adopt it - if one does not understand then it is better to follow. In the final analysis - chittasya suddhaye karma na tu vastuupa labhyate - It is meant for purification of the mind not for gaining freedom from limitations. 
How do I know my mind is purified? Hundred percent purification is even thermodynamically impossible. Hence if one can sit and listen to the scriptures without getting distracted, then the mind is purified enough for knowledge. Abidance in the knowledge will takes place by constantly contemplating on the truth expounded by the scriptures - nidhidhyaasanam. 
na karmaNaa na prajyaa .....tyagaineke amRitatvamaanasuH.
The ultimate thyaaga is renouncing the notion that I am a kartaa. 
Hari Om!

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