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Thank you for the effort.  I wrote a long response to this yesterday but held off from posting it. It wasn't with out a reason that my teacher maintained silence when I asked that question. He very well knew that with out some experience/observation of a few things no amount of explanation will convince the other party... escpeially so if they haven't crossed the "my tradition has everything and there is no need to look beyond"

To begin with:
The position that you hold i.e. upAsana = bhakti is not new to me. If you want, I can show you scores of quotes supporting your position.. so I am quite familiar with it.

The following were posted so that people can read, understand the implications of the statements and see for themselves practically. 

So please read the following carefully again:



>Shankara and Anandagiri make the case for the upAsana = bhakti very tight

If one looks again they do not make a case. They seem to give their personal opinion on these matters. 

If this is the position shankara holds, it should be pointed out that he holds an inaccurate[if not completely incorrect] position.

This should not come as a surprise, given that shankara is most likely unaware of proper upAsana traditions. So he might have equated upAsana with bhakti due to not being familiar with upAsana procedures etc.


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I have changed the header of this thread so that the matter discussed remains focused. 

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