[Advaita-l] Pitru Paksha Questions

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On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 11:24 AM, Venkata sriram P
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>> If one is not able to perform the shrAddha, it is said that atleast on
the day
>> of shrAddha, one should remember their beloved parents and cry facing the
>> with a feeling of guilt.? This paschAttApa is enough to bring the grace
of pitru devatas.
>> Afterall, it is the love & affection towards our parents which is most
important during
>> the shrAddha (shraddhayA dIyatE iti shrAddhaH).

>Who is a son ? Punnamno Narakat Trayate iti Putraha . He protects
>parents from the Hell 'Put'. He is Putra.

>Jeevator Vakyakaranat Sraaddhe Bhuripradanataha
>Gayayam Pindadanacca Tribhih Putrasya Putrata |

>1 When they are living he obeys parents  wishes and looks after them.
>2 When they are gone he performs all rites and Sraddha gives lot of
>Dana to Brahmins without being stingy. 3 He gives parents Pinda balls
>in Gaya and other sacred places. These three things make a worthy son.

I find this comical for an Advaita follower.
There is a saying in Tamil " vidiya vidiya Ramayanam kettu, Sethai ku Raman
Chittappan endran"
i.e "After listening to Ramayana all night this person said Rama is the
yonger brother of Seetha's father!"

We have read so much about "Attachment - Bondage" and how to get rid of it.
Now you are creating Bondage for
your progeny! and worry yourself after death will my kid do this or not!
Will I attain Moksha or not etc. (what if the kid dies immediately after the
father's death?)

Also I see some of you saying until you take Sanyasa you have to continue
the karma, formalities etc.
It is same as saying, after I realized that it is only rope and not snake,
but I still have to keep fearing that it is snake until I take sanyasa.

It is like saying I can use e=mc^2 only if I am a scintist.

So you keep learning all the fundamentals of Advaita and do not practice it
until you become a sanyasi?


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