[Advaita-l] Pitru Paksha Questions

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Yes.Srardhdh for pithrus should be done on the respective thithies of their 
departing yearly .Gaya/or Kasi srardhas may be performed in addition only 
and they are not once for all times to come.Ofcourse now a days these 
ceremonies are getting difficult to perform as suitable qualified Brahmins 
are not available and the samabhavanas are also becoming high.Today a 
srardha ceremony costs nearly 1600 in purohits fees plus cost of the 
shasthroktha food etc.Cook`s fees is around 1200/- Totally it is 3500/-for 
one ceremony.So people try to do Gaya srardham once and forget about it.And 
try other methods by paying some amounts as donations etc.But nothing can 
replace srardha ceremony.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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> On Thu, 22 Sep 2011, Bhaskar YR wrote:
>> Some say, if the shrAddha is performed in gayA or kAshi then there is no
>> need to perform prati sAmvatsarika shrAddha to pitru-s..is it true??  is
>> there any shAstrAdhAra for this?? Pls. clarify.
> The author of Nirnaya Sindhu condemns this notion.  Pitrkarya like 
> devakarya must be continued till death or one takes sannyasa.  (And even 
> there we have the story of Shankaracharya performing the rites for his 
> mother to fulfill the vow he made to her.)
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