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On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 22:32, kman <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:

> I find this comical for an Advaita follower.

I find your words full of ignorance.
You don't follow advaita-tradition. So, you can't understand sayings of V.

> There is a saying in Tamil " vidiya vidiya Ramayanam kettu, Sethai ku Raman
> Chittappan endran"
> i.e "After listening to Ramayana all night this person said Rama is the
> yonger brother of Seetha's father!"

Actually, that person didn't listen rAmAyaNa with attention or was of dull
This is not the case here.
Anything which Srirama said was told after hearing advaita tradition with
proper attention. His words following tradition prove him intelligent too.
So wrong comparison.

> We have read so much about "Attachment - Bondage" and how to get rid of it.
> Now you are creating Bondage for
> your progeny! and worry yourself after death will my kid do this or not!
> Will I attain Moksha or not etc. (what if the kid dies immediately after
> the
> father's death?)

I don't know about your studies but can infer from your sayings that you
have no proper study of bhAShyam of sha~Nkara-bhagavatpAda.
Whatever was said here was just according to his bhAShyam.

> Also I see some of you saying until you take Sanyasa you have to continue
> the karma, formalities etc.

You got it right.
Some of us are known as 'vaidiak-s'.

> It is same as saying, after I realized that it is only rope and not snake,
> but I still have to keep fearing that it is snake until I take sanyasa.

That's not the case.
We don't accept that brahma-GYAnam occurs without saMnyAsa. So in case of
gR^ihastha-s this fear is not unusual.
What about people who are said to be realized without samnyAsa ?
I can't say about everyone's condition. But, I lack faith in these
statements of enlightment .
What about those who are described in scriptures ?
We accept them enlightened.
But all of them were not saMnyAsI-s ?
They were.
When we say 'samnyAsa is essential for GYAnam', it means - 'both inner and
outer for unbarred' , and 'only inner for barred people'. If someone is
barred by scripture to take external one, only inner saMnyAsa will suffice.
In some cases saMnyAsa taken in previous births is accepted.

It is like saying I can use e=mc^2 only if I am a scintist.

I don't think E= MC^2 is of any use of layman for the purpose of feeding,
If you can't enjoy fruits of knowledge, then definitely it's not for you.
saMnyAsa is needed to enjoy fruit of advaita-knowledge.
How could you say ?
Because of shrutI :
shAnto dAnta uparatastitixu....
What if I've no faith in this shruti and Ashrama, etc. ?
Leave talks of advaita. You can never prove it without scriptures.

> So you keep learning all the fundamentals of Advaita and do not practice it
> until you become a sanyasi?

Yes and No.
Yes, because we practice it internally even in gR^ihastha-Ashrama.
No, because we don't show it externally.
Whatever is appropriate for an Ashrama is practiced and not otherwise.

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