[Advaita-l] knowledge of one's own liberation

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Does a jivanmukta know he is liberated?

Sankara in BSB 4.1.15
 For, when somebody has the

conviction in his heart that he has realised Brahman and yet retains

the body, how can this be denied by anybody else?

If so when/how?

Br.Up 4.4.7
YadA Sarve PramUchyantE KAmAh Ye'sya Hrdi SthitAh
When all the desires, forms of yearning, of One, who is a Knower of Brahman, are destroyed, conjointly their root, then alone does this One attain to liberation.

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyoh namah

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Hare Krishna

According to the book, a disciple may become deluded that he is liberated 
but it is the guru who
confirms that he is liberated. 

>  I would like to read it in this way, if shishya is deluded that he is 
jnAni then guru would come to the rescue of his deluded shishya & educate 
him that he is not yet realized!!  shAstra says, after realization there 
remains no saMshya (bhidyate hrudaya granthim chidhya 'sarva' 
saMshaya)..so, a really realized jnAni would not approach anybody for his 
jnAna certification, he is svAtmAnandaleena & krutakrutya. 

It quotes the case of Narada who though he had realized the absolute on 
realizing the Prana but SanatKumara corrected him.

>  correction required means it is not absoulte paramArtha jnAna, that is 
the reason why sanatkumAra had to teach nArada.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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