[Advaita-l] knowledge of one's own liberation

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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> According to the book, a disciple may become deluded that he is liberated
> but it is the guru who
> confirms that he is liberated.
> >  I would like to read it in this way, if shishya is deluded that he is
> jnAni then guru would come to the rescue of his deluded shishya & educate
> him that he is not yet realized!!  shAstra says, after realization there
> remains no saMshya (bhidyate hrudaya granthim chidhya 'sarva'
> saMshaya)..so, a really realized jnAni would not approach anybody for his
> jnAna certification, he is svAtmAnandaleena & krutakrutya.
> It quotes the case of Narada who though he had realized the absolute on
> realizing the Prana but SanatKumara corrected him.
>  correction required means it is not absoulte paramArtha jnAna, that is
> the reason why sanatkumAra had to teach nArada.
> Though there is no difference between a contemporary atma jnani and a
> puranic one such as Narada, it seems inappropriate to discuss contemporary
> ones. The book talks about how sringeri maha periayava's guru knew before he
> attained advaita siddhi and also after it. Mahaperiyava did not have any
> doubt himself about his jivan mukti but what is important is that neither
> did his guru. It need not and does not happen in every case but it is
> important to understand that it points to *objective* *verifiability
> of jivan mukti* Otherwise, there is no way sastras or anyone say so and so
> is a jnani or otherwise.

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